Context: It is important that a new employee is assigned to the correct Pension Scheme at the time of recruitment.

Resource Toolkit: The resources provided in the table below may be used to aid in the onboarding of a new hire and making an accurate determination as to their correct Pension Scheme. Please note that the Process Map should be read with the Process Guidelines.

Note: The items below are suggested resources and their use is not mandatory. Organisations are free to continue to use their own, existing resources or to amend the resources below as they see fit.

If your organisation is partnered with a Shared Services Centre for HR, Pensions or Payroll purposes, you may need to clarify with them what elements of work, (if any), that they have been resourced to undertake on your behalf.

Training Material:  Administrators may find the ‘Recruitment and Onboarding’ Module Training Booklet used during training events to be a useful supplemental reference for this toolkit.


1.Process MapProcess MapPDF icon
2.Process GuidelinesProcess GuidelinesPDF icon
3. Circulars and Legislation Circulars and Legislation Link icon
4. Applicant Declaration FormTemplate FormMicrosoft Word Document icon

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