Phase 2 Databank – Advance Preparations by Relevant Authorities

At the November 2017 town hall events, the project team provided Relevant Authorities with an update on the creation of a Single Scheme Databank under Phase 2 of the Single Scheme Administration Project.

The development of this Databank has been approved by Government with the purpose of:

  • Ensuring Single Scheme member and pensioner data from 2013 is captured and maintained to a common standard across the Public Sector;
  • Safeguarding against the potential loss of data from 2013 on Single Scheme members;
  • Aiding implementation of the long-term shared administration service (Phase 3).

The project team is now sharing with administrators an advanced draft of the templates that each Relevant Authority will need to populate for submission to the Single Scheme Databank once it is operational in 2018.  These templates have been developed in consultation with a number of Public Service bodies.  Sharing of these documents will allow Relevant Authorities to plan how they will approach this body of work in advance of a formal request for this information in 2018 once the Single Scheme Databank is operational. This may involve collating data from multiple sources, including payroll, HR, finance and/or pensions records.

Prior to reviewing the drafts of the data templates, administrators should read the Template Descriptions document (item 1 below).


  1. Single Scheme Databank Template Descriptions Document  PDF icon (PDF, 812 KB)
  2. Membership Data Template Draft  Microsoft Excel document icon (Excel, 33 KB)
  3. Benefits Payable Data Template Draft  Microsoft Excel document icon (Excel, 34KB)


The project team will be in contact with each Relevant Authority in 2018 to assess when each organisation will be ready to upload data from 2013 to the Single Scheme Databank and in relation to training events for the Single Scheme Databank.  It is not intended that Relevant Authorities complete and return Single Scheme data for their members until a formal request has been made by DPER in 2018.

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