Single Scheme Databank – Information for Relevant Authorities
(Last updated: 28 May 2019)

The establishment of the Single Scheme Databank is one of the phases of work approved by Government to address current deficiencies in the operation of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme while building towards a long-term administrative solution.

By way of reminder, the purpose of the Single Scheme Databank is to:

  • ensure Single Scheme member and pensioner data from Scheme commencement in 2013 is captured and maintained to a common standard across the Public Service;
  • safeguard against the potential loss of data from 2013 on Single Scheme members given that the Single Scheme has now been in operation for over 6 years.

Part 5 of the Data Sharing and Governance Act provides the legal basis for the establishment of the Databank and the requirement for each Relevant Authority to submit data to the databank in a specified format.

From June 2019, bodies will commence onboarding to the Databank in scheduled waves (scheduling details to be further confirmed to each Relevant Authority in due course).

In advance of onboarding, Relevant Authorities (or Shared Service Centres providing pensions administration services on behalf of Relevant Authorities) should be progressing work to populate the two Scheme File templates in the table below that will be required for each Scheme Year since 2013.

  1. Membership Data – Scheme File Template (Final)  Microsoft Excel document icon (Excel, 10 KB)
  2. Benefits Payment Data – Scheme File Template (Final)  Microsoft Excel document icon (Excel, 9 KB)


The Scheme File Templates above should be read in conjunction with the Template Descriptions document and the corresponding Quick Reference Sheet in the table below:.

  3. Updated Single Scheme Databank Template Descriptions Document (Final)  PDF icon (PDF, 457 KB)
  4. Membership Data – Quick Reference Sheet & Sample Data  Microsoft Excel document icon (Excel, 33 KB)
  5. Benefits Payment Data Template – Quick Reference Sheet & Sample Data  Microsoft Excel document icon (Excel, 33 KB)


No data should be returned to DPER outside of the Single Scheme Databank and until such time as DPER has confirmed that an organisation may commence onboarding.

Queries should be submitted by e-mail to, including Databank Query and your RA Number in the subject title.  Please note that all e-mail queries should be anonymised – personal data in respect of any member should not be included in e-mails or e-mail attachments.

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