Single Public Service Pension Scheme

The Single Public Service Pension Scheme started on 1 January 2013.  If you joined the public service on or after 1 January 2013
and are working in a pensionable post, this is likely the Pension Scheme that applies to you.

Some of the important elements of your Scheme are:

  • It is a Career-Average Defined Benefit Pension Scheme.  Your contributions are not invested in the stock market and your
    retirement benefits are mainly based on a % of your pensionable earnings throughout your public service career as a member
    of the Scheme.
  • Each year, you bank amounts towards your retirement lump sum and your retirement pension.  The amounts that you
    bank are based on the pensionable pay that you receive each year as a member of the Scheme.  The sum of these amounts,
    with some adjustments for increases in inflation, determines what your retirement benefits will be.  Your Scheme Booklet
    provides more information on how referable amounts are calculated.
  • The normal retirement date for most members is the same as that for the State Pension. This is currently 66 years of age.
  • There is an upper compulsory retirement age of 70 years for most members of the Scheme.
  • Following retirement, increases to your pension are linked to inflation.

Additional information on Single Scheme provisions is available by accessing the Members’ Section or Employers’ Section
of this website from the Home Page

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