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The Estimator Tool is a spreadsheet based calculator designed to give active Single Scheme members a broad indication of the level of retirement benefits that they may be eligible to receive on reaching their normal retirement age.

The outputs from the Estimator Tool are not a guarantee of the retirement benefits payable at your normal retirement age and are not intended to replace the requirement for your employer to provide you with an annual benefit statement.

The Single Scheme Estimator Tools are for members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme who are currently employed in a pensionable capacity in the Irish Public Service. If you are a Standard Grade Member or Fast Accrual Uniform Member(Garda, Member of the Permanent Defence Force, Prison Officer or Career Firefighter) please use the appropriate Estimator Tool as such members have different benefit terms.

The estimators are not suitable for members of the Oireachtas including the President; the Judiciary; the Comptroller and Auditor General and other qualifying and designated office holders;

You should read the appropriate “Estimator Tool – At A Glance Guide” below before using the Estimator Tool

Single Scheme Member Estimator Tool
Date of Issue 31 January 2020

Standard Accrual Estimator Tool

Standard Accrual Estimator Tool Calculation ToolMicrosoft Excel document icon
Standard Accrual Estimator Tool – At a Glance GuideAt a Glance Guide PDF icon

Fast Accrual (Uniformed) Estimator Tool

Fast Accrual (Uniformed) Estimator ToolCalculation ToolMicrosoft Excel document icon
Fast Accrual (Uniformed) Estimator Tool - At a Glance GuideAt a Glance GuidePDF icon


Note on macros These Estimator Tools uses MS Excel macros to carry out calculations. In order to use this tool, you must enable macros in MS Excel by clicking “Enable content”.

If you have any difficulty downloading or using these Estimator Tools you should contact your local IT System Administrator.

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