Family Law Templates

Context: Where formal proceedings under Family Law legislation is initiated by a Single Scheme member the administration required is the legal responsibility of individual Relevant Authorities who are deemed to be the Trustees/Legal Notice Party for these purposes.

Templates: The templates provided in the table below may be used to assist organisations in the administration of Family Law cases involving Single Scheme members who have initiated formal proceedings under Family Law legislation.

Note: The items below are suggested resources and their use is not mandatory. Organisations are free to continue to use their own, existing compliant resources or to amend the resources below as they see fit.

Relevant Authorities should pay special attention to their legal obligations as the Trustees/Legal Notice Party for the Single Public Service Pension Scheme for Family Law purposes to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation. From time-to-time it may be necessary for Relevant Authorities to seek formal legal advice and on a case-by-case basis.

If your organisation is partnered with a Shared Services Centre for HR, Pensions or Payroll purposes, you may need to clarify with them what elements of work, (if any), that they have been resourced to undertake on your behalf.


Descriptor TypeLink
1.List of Basic Information to be SuppliedInformation NotePDF icon
2.Member Specific Information Form - Active MemberTemplate FormMicrosoft Word Document icon
3.Member Specific Information Form - Deferred MemberTemplate FormMicrosoft Word Document icon
4.Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice to TrusteesTemplate LetterMicrosoft Word Document icon
5.Acceptance to draft PAOTemplate LetterMicrosoft Word Document icon

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